About Fung Ka Fai, Sam

Fung Ka Fai was born in Hong Kong. He graduated with a distinction of the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), major in painting at the RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School. In 2011, he set up a studio in Kwai Chung and devoted in arts creation besides working full time for a living, working in hospital group for art development project is his affair in this few years. In 2016, he invited by Cultural Affairs Bureau Tainan City Government (Taiwan) for artist resident project to show in Tainan Art Festival. His works was exhibited at different country in Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore. And private collections in Hong Kong and Taiwan, public collections for Hong Kong Art School and Cultural Affairs Bureau Tainan City Government, commission work by Hong Kong Art Centre, Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Woman (ACSVAW).

Fung Ka Fai’s works are mostly based on drawing and oil painting, Fung produces works engaging with the ideas of urban citizens and their modern psyches, such as his drawing Suit men, Riot police and Disable people. He most often uses the human figure in a cityscape as a means to explore the human experience of the solitude and absurdity of the modern life that surrounds and envelops us. The works are sometimes just an expression of emotions or of record, but frequently Fung makes an illusive picture that is a response to specific situations or social contents.


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