About Hao Lap Yan, Benjamin

Hao Lap Yan, Benjamin was born and raised in Hong Kong. He is currently traveling for his research and study. He gained BA (Fine Art) degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University. He is having his Interdisciplinary Art MFA in University of Hartford. Influenced by Hong Kong abstract painter Chow Sze On as his mentor for 8 years, Hao learnt the foundation on his art practice and the eyes of seeing art. His works and projects have been exhibited and taken place in U.S., Macedonia, China, Iceland and Hong Kong.

He believes art as a form of intervention to pre-existing system. Through his artwork, it reveals how dominant culture shapes our understanding of nature and society. Hao's works often reference to the methodology and image from different major disciplines and fields, for instance, cartography, botanical illustration, and city infrastructure etc. In his practice, he takes art as a catalyst and uses it as a way to remove our presumption. As the definition of art remains to be an on-going discussion, it doesn't rely on a particular genre, medium and explanation. Hence, he does not select any medium as his major genre, it can be a drawing, mixed media three dimension work or a series of events. Keeping an open approach helps him to response to specific subject matter in the most appropriate way. Through different approaches and formats, it can allow audience to experience the concept in a closer and relational way. Physical material is important to Hao's work since it carries stories which comprise of his work. Yet physical material can be removed from his work, because the work can exist as a single object, an image, or a thought and experience in people's heart.