About Leung Lai Man, Jess

Jess Leung is a painter and with a specific focus on fine-brush (gongbi) painting. Painting with meticulous in detail, she focuses on everyday life in our city in narrative form. She intends to tell the sense of ‘Love’ and ‘Fear’ of place in her works. In search of the city perceptions, attitudes and values, she concerns ‘Place’, is a landscape of relationship with human activities. By studying people’s cultural identity in aspect of place, her works attempts to integrate emotion, mind and spirit to create a sense of place.

She graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015. She was the only student who attained the First-class Honor of the year. Her excellent works helped her to obtain the Scholastic Award and AVA Keeper of Studies Collection Award in 2015. She has actively participated in art exhibitions such as Ink Global 2017 and Ink Asia 2015 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hi Houses! Art Project at Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum, Hong Kong, Senses offered by the University of Hong Kong Museum Society, Hong Kong Art Centre, the Cliftons Art Prize exhibition and Asia World-Expo.