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20 Oct - 10 Nov [記憶是種莫名的美好 為未來而生] 郝立仁作品展覽 Exhibition

Updated: Oct 16, 2018



開幕時間:2018年10月20日|下午3-6時 (*藝術家將親臨開幕酒會)


「記憶是種莫名的美好 為未來而生」 - 郝立仁藝術個展

由藝術森林及土壤文創合辦的「記憶是種莫名的美好 為未來而生」作品展覽於2018年10月20日起至11月10日在中環元創方舉行,本地藝術家(郝立仁)以泥土作為創作媒介並透過繪畫及裝置藝術,呈現人類與自然及環境的關係。

對一些習以為常的事情作出介入與干涉是郝氏藝術實踐中的一個重要元素。郝氏透過他的作品揭示主流文化、意識形態、制度以及教育如何構建我們對自然、環境和社會的理解和認知。創作牽涉的範疇包括地圖學、地方史、植物繪圖學和手工藝等。 郝氏亦以他的藝術實踐作為催化劑與途徑來重新認識和深入探究我們的日常生活、身處環境、地方、自然的既定認知,以求移去對事物的偏見和一知半解。並且藉此重建個人與環境和社群的親密關係。

是次展覽的主題由我們自身出發,從個人情感把記憶、時序和地點交織成莫名的美好,帶領觀者以新的角度去認識當下的環境。 每一個過去的時刻都會成為曾經,但不是每一個過去的時刻都會變成記憶。它與地方、圖像和感覺緊密相連。我們傾向於記著美好的舊時光,並試圖抵制褪色。我們擁有儲存和代表過去的技術,但它與 「真實」永遠不再相同,它是對過去的解釋、後記憶。回憶是為了未來,讓我們在未來反思和冥想。當我們重新審視地點、物體、圖像和記憶時,他們成為一種新的理解,並發展為知識和想像力,讓我們繼續前進。



關於土壤文創 於2012年成立,與不同地域的創作人合作,嘗試從歷史、人文和文化的角度,研究及推廣傳統手作設計,讓手工藝重回現代人的生活中。 我們連結不同領域、喜愛及深懂工藝的創作人和傳統匠人,一同發想、一同設計,讓傳統工藝與現代設計互相對話和影響。

Exhibition Duration: 20 October – 10 November 2018

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday I 12:30pm – 7:00pm

Opening Reception: 20 October 2018 I 3:00 – 6:00pm (*Artist Presents)

Venue: PMQ Unit S510

“Memories are always beautiful . Memories are always for the future”

Benjamin Hao solo exhibition

An exhibition entitled “Memories are always beautiful . Memories are always for the future”, jointly presented by Art Forest and SOIL, will be held at PMQ from 20 October until 10 November 2018. Local artist – Benjamin Hao uses soil as his creation medium, through presenting his soil painting and installation to investigate the relationship between human, nature and our surroundings.

He believes art as a form of intervention to pre-existing system. Through his artwork, it reveals how dominant culture shapes our understanding of nature and society. Hao's works often reference to the methodology and image from different major disciplines and fields, for instance, cartography, botanical illustration, and city infrastructure etc. In his practice, he takes art as a catalyst and uses it as a way to remove our presumption. Rebuilding our personal intimacy relationship from our society or surroundings.

The idea of this exhibition comes from our personal emotions, an inexplicable beauty is perhaps intertwined by memories, times and places. We hope to bring audience a new perspective to review our current surroundings. Every elapsed moment becomes the past, but not every passed moment can transform into memories. It ties strongly with places, images and sensations. We tend to remember the good old days and try to resist fading. We have technologies to store and represent the past, but it is never the same as the ‘real’ subject, it is the interpretation, post-memories of the past. Memories are for the future, for us to reflect and meditate in the future. They grow into a new understanding of the past when we revisit the places, objects, images and memories. They become knowledge and imagination for us to carry on to the future.

About Art Forest

Founded in 2017, it is a startup institution promoting contemporary art and artist in Hong Kong. We believe art could pervade our daily life in a way to open up the mind and given us a new perspective of seeing things. Collaboration with art related group is one of our objectives in order to make things different as well as bringing fresh idea to both audience and the artist themselves.

About SOIL Founded in 2012, SOIL aims to promote crafts through the inspiring history, culture and humanity behind them. We offer a new perspective and experience to traditional crafts. In collaborations with designers and craftsmen across different disciplines and cultures, we hope to create better craft designs exposed to alternative methods and materials. Collaboration spreads our design sphere of influence and breaks down walls with new approaches.

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