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Updated: Dec 5, 2018


展覽時間:星期一至五|1130 - 1900,星期六及日 | 1200 - 2030

開幕時間:2018年12月15日|1700 - 1900(*藝術家將親臨開幕酒會)

展覽地點: 荃灣南豐紗廠地下13室 - 茂一茂

「 再閲植物繪 」 - 郝立仁作品展


展示畫作之外,藝術家希望作品跟空間互相呼應,也嘗試從物質轉化的角度來思考用品和其與自然循環的關係,轉化在地茂館回收得來的宣紙,弄成紙漿並在過程中加入芝麻種子 (製作糖水的食材之一) 製作成有厚度及印有他創作的繪本圖案的再造紙。此再造紙作品不是消耗品而是可以放進泥土裡種植的一顆小植物,長大後便成為芝麻葉。它可回歸塵土養育生命和萌生新生命。限量20張再造紙作品可在店內購買。

關於茂一茂 by Tei Mou Koon

茂一茂 by Tei Mou Koon 秉承老字號地茂館甜品”原味手作”的理念,手調健康美味中式原材料榖物飲品。老店地茂館則開業於1990年,位於九龍城福佬村道的廣府甜品老字號,現由第二代傳人接手經營。年輕一代希望把真材實料的老店承傳下去,以手繪食材為題重新印製餐牌、新店裝潢清新卻堅持保留傳統特色,並在位於南豐紗廠的新店「茂一茂」 加入藝術元素,希望大家坐在店內一邊享受港式美食飲品,一邊觀賞本地藝術家創作的作品。

Exhibition Duration: 15 Dec 2018 – 6 Jan 2019

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri I 1130 – 1900, Sat & Sun | 1200 - 2030

Opening Reception: 15 Dec 2018 I 1700 – 1900 (*Artist Presents)

Venue: 茂一茂 by Tei Mou Koon, Unit 13, G/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan

“ Unleash the Plant from Deep Within ”Benjamin Hao art exhibition

An exhibition entitled “Unleash the Plant from Deep Within”, jointly presented by Art Forest and 茂一茂 by Tei Mou Koon, will be held at The Mills from 8 December until 30 December 2018. Local artist – Benjamin Hao will showcase his botanical drawings, through the hands of the artist, the ordinary and mundane herbs were expressed from a fresh angle. When you try to look beyond the structure and growth of the herbs, it is like we have never known them before. The herbs in the illustration also have a connection with our dietary habit. The artist, through the exploratory drawing, expresses his respect and gratitude to mother nature, of which the vitality is endless, and with which we are deeply connected with.

The artist not just wants to showcase the illustrations, but he wants them to interact with the space. Benjamin has put a lot of thoughts into the use of material, and its relationship with the nature. He views the relationship from the perspective of substance transformation. Benjamin collects the Chinese rice paper which was used by Tei Mou Koon (a Chinese dessert restaurant) and sprinkles sesame seeds in the process of paper recycling. The recycled paper is thick and printed with his botanical illustration. Instead of being consumed and extinguished, the recycled paper can be buried in mud and grow into tiny sesame leaves. They can return to where it comes from and nurture new life. A limited collection of 20 recycled paper is available at the store during the exhibition period.

About 茂一茂 by Tei Mou Koon

茂一茂by Tei Mou Koon inherits the spirit of Tei Mou Koon, a reputable, time-honored dessert restaurant that values authentic flavor and craftsmanship. Healthy and delicious Chinese beverages with raw grains were all made by hands. The historical Tei Mou Koon was opened in 1990 on Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City, specialized in Cantonese style dessert. The second generation of the owner is now running the restaurant. The young second generation is dedicated to pass down the authenticity of the traditional brand. The menus are redesigned with hand painted ingredients. The interior decor of the new store is simple and delicate, yet with a touch of traditional features. The new store, 茂一茂, located at the Mills is incorporated with artistic elements. Visitors can enjoy the creation of local artists whilst savoring the divine local food and beverages.

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